X-Ray at Khealth

Clear Insights for Informed Health Decisions

We combine advanced radiogram imaging technology with expert radiologists to provide you with clear insights that empower your healthcare decisions. Our commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and patient-centered care ensures that your X-ray experience is seamless and informative.

At KHealth, we believe that informed decisions are the foundation of good health. Our X-ray services are designed to provide you with accurate insights, enabling you and your healthcare provider to collaboratively plan the best course of action for your well-being.

Why Choose Khealth for Your radiogram Needs?

Cutting-Edge Imaging

Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art X-ray technology that delivers high-resolution images, allowing our radiologists to detect even the subtlest of abnormalities.

Experienced Radiologists

Our team of experienced radiologists is dedicated to interpreting X-ray images with precision, providing accurate diagnoses that form the foundation for effective treatment plans.

Comprehensive Services

Whether you require a routine X-ray or a specialized imaging procedure, Khealth offers a comprehensive range of X-ray services to cater to your specific healthcare needs.

Comprehensive Range of X-ray:

  • Chest X-RaysUsed to assess lung conditions, heart health, and detect abnormalities.
  • Bone X-RaysUseful for identifying fractures, bone infections, and joint-related issues.
  • Abdominal X-RaysAids in diagnosing conditions affecting the abdomen and digestive system.
  • Dental X-RaysUsed in dental diagnostics to assess teeth, gums, and jaw health.
  • Spine X-RaysProvides insights into spine health, identifying conditions such as scoliosis or vertebral fractures.
  • Joint X-RaysUsed to evaluate joint conditions such as arthritis or injuries.

Your X-Ray Experience at KHealth

Appointment Scheduling

Booking your X-ray appointment is easy. You can do it online or by calling our helpline. We’ll find a time that suits your schedule.


Our skilled radiographers ensure that your X-ray procedure is comfortable and swift, while adhering to safety protocols.

Accurate Diagnoses

Our experienced radiologists meticulously analyze your X-ray images, providing precise diagnoses to guide your healthcare journey.


Once the analysis is complete, your X-ray report will be shared with you promptly, empowering you to discuss results with your healthcare provider.